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White Papers

Typically 2000-3000 words, educating prospective customers about an industry, technology, or products.

Great way to showcase your company's knowledge about a topic and subtly inform them about your solution to a problem customers are facing.

Customers usually need to enter contact information to download the content.

Curious what a white paper looks like? Here's an example.

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Blogging regularly on topics related to your industry demonstrates your knowledge.

Blogs may be highly technical articles aimed at scientists and engineers or topics of more general interest, depending on whom you are trying to reach.

Length is typically 500-1000 words per blog post and frequency ranges from daily to monthly.

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Case Studies

Tell the story of how an actual customer has benefited from your company's products or services.

Show specific "before" and "after" data or images and include quotes from customers.

Range from a paragraph to a page or more, depending on the complexity of the story.

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Written according to style and length guidelines in trade or business magazines.

Feature articles inform readers rather than promote a particular product or technology.

The tone should be educational and the content needs to address a problem or answer a question that readers care about.

Advertorials are paid advertisements that also inform readers. Similar to a feature article but without restrictions on discussing the benefits of the company's products or services as a solution to the readers' problem.



My approach to editing

  • My expertise lies in organizing ideas in a logical order and improving the flow of a piece

  • I ask questions when something doesn't make sense; if I don't understand it, the reader may not either

  • If an article or proposal needs to be cut to fit word or character limits, I will eliminate excess while retaining the important points

  • I am experienced in "translating" the writing of non-native speakers into American English

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Developmental Editing

Suitable for writing that needs extensive revision to organize the thoughts into a coherent story or explain topics in a way the audience will understand

Editor may completely rewrite paragraphs or provide suggestions for author to follow

Starting material is likely unedited

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Copy Editing

Not as extensive as developmental editing but may still require some reorganization

Material may have already gone through an internal editing process

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For edited writing that needs a final set of eyes to spot errors before publishing


How I Work

  • I work as an independent contractor for businesses and government agencies. Clients can provide their own contracts, or I can write a simple one that explains the terms and scope of work.

  • With new clients, I often complete a short sample project (for a fee) before entering into a longer term relationship.

  • Clients provide contacts to interview (by phone, email, or in person), PowerPoint presentations, previously published articles, or other background information as appropriate.

  • Fees may either be per project or hourly. Ghostwriting is more likely to be billed on a per-piece basis and editing is more likely to be billed hourly, but I can be flexible.

  • I would love to help you communicate your story so that it resonates with your audience and attracts your ideal customers and am happy to schedule a free phone consult to discuss your needs. Contact me to get the conversation started.