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I help engineers, scientists, and executives communicate their ideas through clear and concise written content.

I share my passion for materials and sustainability in Material Value, a book aimed at readers who care about the environment and want to make smarter choices about what they buy and how they use it.

I am especially excited about stories where advances in materials and processes are making a positive difference in society.

Materials have been the focus of my technical interests ever since college, when I took an introductory materials science course and became fascinated with the concept of tailoring a material's properties and function. I decided I had to get an advanced degree in materials science.

I started my career in semiconductor packaging, where I found myself being the team member writing the reports for government contracts and the articles for publication.

An engineer who likes to write is somewhat unusual, and I migrated to journalism, writing and editing for a trade journal back when print magazines could actually attract enough advertisers to stay in business.

Now I primarily write long-form content for my clients, contracting either with PR agencies or business owners. I'm focused on helping businesses and government agencies tell their stories through compelling blog posts, articles, case studies, reports, and white papers.

I also publish articles on a wide range of business topics as a contributing writer for 425 Business and Seattle Business magazines and am the author of Material Value: More Sustainable, Less Wasteful Manufacturing of Everything From Cell Phones to Cleaning Products. See my author website to learn more.

As you will learn if you read my LinkedIn profile, my career has taken me in multiple directions. I am a lifelong musician, ever since I started piano lessons at age 7. I consider myself a "semiprofessional"  flutist, meaning I have played paying gigs but don't make my living as a performer.

I make my living as a writer by focusing on my strengths: the background to read and understand technical articles and the ability to interview engineers and scientists, asking questions until I understand their topic well enough to write for an audience of their peers or corporate executives. I love talking with people who are passionate about what they do and making sure their message gets through to those who need to hear it.


Julia brings her knowledge of science, excellent editorial skills, and project management experience to every assignment.
— Angela A., client