Does Anybody Care?

In 2017, I consistently published blog posts in my materials blog. The bi-weekly schedule, hanging prominently on a 12-month calendar page in my home office, served as a reminder and incentive. I filled out dates for the whole year in pencil, circling them in pen once I published each blog post.

My Mail Chimp account automatically sends a newsletter to my email subscribers every Monday morning that I’ve published new content since the previous Monday. I imagined that my readers were waiting for the email in their inboxes every other Monday and felt compelled to get each blog post written on time. If I didn’t get it done on a given Saturday circled in pencil on my calendar, I made sure to publish a post before I went to bed Sunday evening. That way I could circle my calendar in pen that weekend, and my readers would receive an email at 1 am PST/4 am EST Monday morning.

My blogging isn’t going so well this year. According to the 2018 calendar in my home office, I should have published 14 posts so far this year. I’ve published six. What changed? I see several factors:

Last year I was working on the first draft of my book, Get the Lead Out. I knew that each blog post might serve as fodder for the book. The draft I completed in December 2017 included excerpts from many 2016 and 2017 posts.

This year I’m editing the book. I’m not trying to add chunks of content, so writing more blog posts doesn’t help advance the book like it did last year.

Since February, I’ve taken on several large projects plus multiple smaller ones for corporate clients. This is great for my business but detrimental to progress on my book and blog. My brain can only manage so many hours of writing in a week, and client projects take priority.

Comments and responses to my email blasts have fallen off. The lack of comments makes me feel that my readers don’t care whether I publish and makes me less likely to feel compelled to do so.

How much does any of this matter? I’m not sure. Common wisdom says that I should publish regularly to attract new viewers. Every other week isn’t enough. But is publishing multiple times a week worth the effort? My materials blog isn’t the type of blog that attracts the masses. Maybe I’m better off focusing on the writing blog and sharing stories that writers and bloggers will want to read.

What do you think? Do you want to read more blogs about writing or more blogs about materials? What posts of mine on either blog did you find especially inspiring or worthwhile?