Corporate Social Responsibility

You run a business while wanting to be a good corporate citizen and believe that profit should not be the only driving force behind your decisions.

You want to create a Corporate Social Responsibility platform that goes beyond the basics to create real change in the world.

Let me help you tell the world what you are doing to make a difference in the lives of your employees, your customers, and for the future of this planet. Building awareness of successful programs will accelerate the momentum behind the next generation of CSR.

“How can we as a society teach our children to take responsibility for their own actions when huge corporations refuse to take responsibility for theirs?” 

From Research to Production

Researchers are developing self-repairing materials, improving methods to convert renewable resources into energy, and harnessing chemistry and biology to achieve environmental sustainability.  Some of the results are leading to commercial products, which is exciting.

I can help you share your research at conferences and trade shows, and on your website, explaining complex scientific results to potential partners and investors in a way that will get them fired up and motivated to support you.